Strikeforce Pest Prevention / Elimination

We are a full service pest provider located in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Our service technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and fully trained in all aspects of the business.

At Strikeforce we rely heavily on pest prevention utilizing modern up to date equipment and the safest most reliable chemicals available to keep your facility/home pest free.

Strikeforce is a new concept of residential pest prevention/elimination based on many years of commercial experience. Our purpose is to change the way people look at pest control. First, we are not a pest control company – we are a pest prevention/elimination company. The difference between the two is very simple. Pest control is exactly what it implies – control to what is considered by the company to be an acceptable level. Pest control is accomplished by applying chemicals inside your home, under your appliances, inside cabinets, and along baseboards. In other words, it involves treating your living space on an ongoing basis.

Strikeforce approaches pest management in a totally different manner. By being proactive instead of reactive, we eliminate the pest and prevent them from entering your home to start with. We achieve this goal by treating the outside perimeter of your home with the newest and most advanced equipment and technology available in our industry today. We lay down a barrier which creates an impenetrable band around any type of structure where the invaders are not desired. This type of treatment will take care of ants, earwigs, crickets, spiders, etc… Of course, if you already have issues with these types of pests in your home, we can also eliminate the problem by using the safest and most effective methods known.

No account is too large or too small for Strikeforce to handle. Our current commercial customer base ranges from small doctor’s offices to nursing homes and hospitals, from locally owned restaurants to large chain owned restaurants! We service everything from single family dwellings to large resorts and housing developments.

The decision is up to you! Pest CONTROL or Pest PREVENTION/ELIMINATION.

You have a choice. Give us a call today!