Bees / Wasps

Brown Paper Wasp2  Yellow Jacket #2 3  Hornets 4Hornets nest (2)5 DSCN0808 6  Yellow Jacket Nest7

Bees are dangerous!      Bees are extremely aggressive especially when defending their nest.  Without the proper equipment bees can and will deliver very painful stings, and in some cases can even cause death.  Why take chances – Strikeforce is only a phone call away!

Eastern carpenter bee8    Carpenter_Bee_Gallery9  
Boring Bee 110  Boring Bee 211

CARPENTER  BEES / WOOD BORING BEES       In the past few years these types of bees have become more common.  Although there is currently no preventative measures to keep them away from your property, the structural and cosmetic damage caused by these insects can be kept to a bare minimum when treated early and as needed thereafter.  Our treatment protocol is second to none.

Honey Bees and Honeycomb #212

HONEY  BEES      Wild honey bee numbers are on the decline, with that being said Strikeforce makes every effort to contact a bee keeper in order to save the colony if at all possible.




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