Commercial Testimonials

Dear Darrell,

I must thank you for providing a very professional and prompt service to our property. Primland is located very much in a wooded environment in which rodents and insects do exist. Strikeforce has been efficient in the assisting of control within this environment; where business and relaxation may now be conducted with minimal interruption by such pests.

Best Regards

Jeff Barley,

Lodging Division, Primland


March 26, 2009

Reference: Service at Halifax Regional Hospital / Properties

Dear Sirs,

The intent of this letter is to express the working relationship that has been cultivated with the owner and operator of Strikeforce. To do this it is necessary to step back over 15 years. Longevity speaks volumes when it comes to service companies and personnel. The relationship established many years ago has been one of willingness and dedication to the quality of service rendered. I have never in all my years been met with anything but courtesy and cooperation.

If you will observe the date on this letter, you will know that this country is in a recession. Having said all the things mentioned above, it is with pleasure that I can also add to the list that of value for service rendered. Bottom lines are on everyone’s radar and when you receive quality service for a low price there is not too else which needs to be said.


Floyd Brankley

Facilities Coordinator, Halifax Regional Hospital


What can I say about Darrell Cockram and his Strikeforce team? I wish all service providers were like this organization. When a situation occurs, and you call – they are ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’. If you had to leave a message, within a couple of hours you receive a return call inquiring how they can help. And usually, within a day or two, the team is on premises addressing the issue (our facility is located 130 miles away from their home base). I’ve yet to see a problem (whether it be flying pests or crawly ones) they haven’t been able to ‘fix’. They routinely perform checks and treatments (monthly/annually) as well as urgent. They are professional at all times, respectful of the facility and those who reside here (will even take time to talk to some of our residents). I would recommend Strikeforce Pest Prevention/Elimination to anyone looking for good pest control service – home or institutional setting.

Sylvia Osuna RD

Nutrition Service Manager

Meadow View Terrace, Clarksville, Virginia


Here’s a shout out to Strikeforce Pest Prevention/Elimination in Meadows of Dan, VA. We’ve been using Strikeforce for 3 years to control carpenter bees in the outbuildings, perimeter spraying for various bugs and critters, and most recently, teeny tiny sugar ants that had invaded our office and home. They came out yesterday and treated for the ants, and they are GONE today. (That and a couple pesky mice too!) Give them a call if you need any kind of pest control/prevention in the area – 276-952-2847 or They are courteous, prompt, and very knowledgeable!

September 6, 2012

Brown Landscaping & Construction, Inc.


We are a Wholesale Produce Company that required a pest and vermin management program to meet regulatory requirements.  The Pest Control company we had at the time had never heard of such a thing so we turned to Strikeforce.  How lucky we are to have found Darrell and his crew!  We have since passed several 3rd party audits, with pest control being one of the strong points of our Food Safety Plan.  These guys are trained and qualified, provide great service and the best part is they are local.  My neighbors and I use Strikeforce for our residential needs as well.  If you want peace of mind call Strikeforce!

Doug TurnerFood Safety Manager
Woods Produce Company

Jan. 28, 2014







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