Residential Testimonials

The fine young men & women who represent your company certainly do you all proud.  Kind & polite every time!  Thank you all!

Take Care,
Catherine Pauley
Floyd, VA


Thank you all for a wonderful job!  Very happy!  😀 



Thanks for the help in keeping out homes bug free.  I hope all of your customers appreciate you all as much as we do.  Keep up the good work!



Thank you so much for helping to protect our family!  We feel safe & peaceful playing in our yard because of you!

The Slaydons


I called Strikeforce because we had a terrible flea problem. I had bombed twice and there were still fleas everywhere! After Darrell came out, our flea problem was solved. It was fast and affordable – I would (and HAVE) recommend them to anyone with a flea issue.

Mandy Nester
Laurel Fork, VA


We recently moved into the area and discovered mice and bug issues in our new home. We wanted a local exterminator and found Strikeforce was just down the road. Darrell responded quickly and to our surprise advised against spraying inside the house. Instead his exterior treatment was offered and accepted and mice and bugs quickly departed. Thank you Strikeforce.

Michael Taillon
Meadows of Dan, VA


We had a major cockroach problem in our home and tried several different approaches to get rid of them. Finally with no luck, we called STRIKEFORCE and were nothing short of amazed. They came in and in two treatments all the cockroaches were gone. We did not have to clean out the cabinets or prep in any way. There was no smell and we were able to stay in our home the entire time. Thanks to STRIKEFORCE that was 2 months ago and we haven’t seen any cockroaches at all. Thank you so much!

Randy and Paula Turman


If you are looking for excellent service, prompt response time, and fair and honest rates, then we believe Strikeforce is the pest control service for you. We had used another company for almost three years before we “discovered” Strikeforce and the difference in service is like night and day. Darrell Cockram not only shows up promptly, listens to your specific problems, and does what it takes to eliminate them; he also explains everything to you, the customer, so that you understand how you got the problem, what situation it’s creating, and how he’s fixing it. He even checks back with you to make sure that what he and his team did has indeed eliminated your problem. We had an infestation of hundreds of wasps that we’d been battling during the entire time we were with our prior pest control company. Darrell and a co-worker came out the same day we called and worked diligently for almost three hours to get rid of all the wasps. And they did! Now we see only two or three rather than a hundred. Furthermore, we feel that we are getting more than just prompt, competent service; we are also dealing with folks who have integrity – something that in today’s world is sadly lacking in many a business. We’re thrilled with Strikeforce and we know that you would be too.

Bill & Janis Goad
Stuart, VA


As usual, in the beginning of fall or when the weather begins to get colder, we get lots of huge black spiders in our carport. We have tried other pest control services, but whatever they used did not get rid of the spiders. This past summer, we used Strikeforce. Wow! The spiders were gone in no time! Some kept coming but they died immediately. Also, it was not harmful to our pets. Mr. Cockram was so nice and professional. He took a couple of the spiders, researched them, and called me back to let me know exactly what kind they were. We were very pleased with the results and will definitely be calling Strikeforce annually.

Larry and Janet Banks


I don’t do bugs or mice or even opossums!  Thankfully I don’t have to, I just call Strikeforce and they send someone out.  Everyone of the guys that come out are so professional and efficient so I know things are being handled properly.  I have never had to call them back for the same problem.  If they visit then the problem is eradicated.  They go above & beyond to ensure customer satisfaction in ways that many companies have forgotten how to do.  I would highly recommend this company & as long as I own property, I will have them as my pest service provider.  Five star company & service!

Pam Frazier


Dear Strikeforce,
Thank you for the big assault on the indoor rodents.  I will be hoping they are gone at last!



We are very happy with the service you all provide.  I believe that your spray helped with the stink bugs.  We are still seeing a few but the house in not covered with them anymore.  Thanks for the great job!

A faithful customer,
Roy & Nancy Harris


I just wanted to tell you that Jake & Brian are two fine young men.  They were efficient, professional & polite!  You should be very proud of these two.

June 20, 2017


Dear Darrell,

You & your guys were most professional & the service is excellent!

Mrs. Griggs


Thank you for helping us with out little problem.  Carl keeps singing the pink panther theme “Dead ant…dead ant…dead ant, dead ant, dead ant…”.  We appreciate your help.

Chan & Carl


I really appreciate you coming out so quickly to take care of the yellow jacket nest.

August 22, 2017






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